lone goose press owner Sandy Tilcock achieved recognition as a bookbinder and designer of limited­ edition books prior to her introduction to letterpress printing. Her books reflect her priority for honoring the text. All the elements— typography, design, imagery, materials and binding methods are integrated in service to the author’s words. lone goose press books are conceived as collaborations with authors, and where commissioned artwork is used, with artists. Sandy’s limited edition books have achieved international recognition for their design, creative use of materials, precise typography and attention to detail.

Opening the Mouth of the Dead

Opening the Mouth of the Dead

By Catherine Woodard
Art by Margot Voorhies Thompson
Poking Around

By Kathleen Dean Moore

Art by Margot Voorhies Thompson

All of Him

By Matthew Dickman and Michael Dickman

Art by Keith Achepoh


By Patrick Tilcock

Photographs by Patrick Tilcock

Grandfather Was a Good Witch: Growing Up Cherokee

By Rennard Strickland and Jack Gregory

Art by Margot Voorhies Thompson


By Barry Lopez

Art by Robin Eschner