Creating a Book as a Legacy of an Oregon Artist

By Robin Brant Lodewick

Oregon artist, poet and naturalist Robin Brant Lodewick directed in her will that her previously unpublished poems be assembled in a book and distributed free to libraries across the continent. lone goose press took on the task of forming a coherent publication from a mass of typescripts. The first step was to contract for editing, selection and organization of the poems. The editor performed proofreading and corrections that appeared to best reflect the author’s intentions, and organized a selection of 60 poems in three sections by theme and subject matter, and provided a biographic commentary as an introduction to the volume, which was given the title Rain Cycle.

For this manuscript, Sandy selected typefaces and a standard page design to accommodate the varied prose and poetic elements. Drawings by the author were used for a frontispiece and to mark the section divisions. After learning that Canadian Emily Carr was one of Ms. Lodewick’s favorite artists, the press located the owner of one of Carr’s paintings, an art museum in Ontario, and purchased the right to reproduce it as the book cover.

Sandy arranged with the printer to produce several proofs before finalizing the production order. Two thousand copies of Rain Cycle were distributed according to Ms. Lodewick’s wishes.

The book cover
  • Title page
  • Pages from the book