lone goose press

There is magic in the physical presence of books, and the methodical setting of ink on paper.

What other technology for communication has persisted and thrived for over 500 years, transforming cultures around the world in countless ways, fostering education and many struggles for freedom and justice? lone goose press is dedicated to keeping that tradition alive in a tangible way.

Since 1989, lone goose press has been publishing limited letterpress works, printed broadsides and hand bound books. With this slow, exacting work, owner Sandy Tilcock continues to honor the highest standards in traditional book arts.

Why engage in letterpress printing at a time when technology allows instantaneous multimedia communication on a mass scale?

Today’s revolutionary innovation is tomorrow’s ordinary convenience that we soon take for granted. While we use and appreciate the wonders of digital media and internet communication, we want to invoke a quieter, more contemplative approach to the sharing of ideas and passions.

The mission of lone goose press is to promote book arts, to celebrate outstanding writing, and to foster conversation about community, social justice and environmental ethics.