Presentation Box for Custom Jewelry

By Tom McCarthy Jewelry


Florida Jeweler Tom McCarthy received a commission for a special necklace in white and yellow gold. The necklace he created was reversible and incorporated a pendant that could be be removed and worn independently on a chain. Tom asked me to create a one-of-a-kind box to house and present the necklace. Since it was not feasible for Tom to ship the necklace across the continent, I was to work from a to-scale drawing.

I designed a modified clamshell box which would allow storage of the pendant chain when not in use. The necklace is displayed on a riser with shapes cut to accommodate the necklace components. Within that structure is a lidded compartment for the chain. These components are flush, so that when the box is closed, the necklace is held securely in place. The top panel is held closed using a bone clasp which slips into a loop.

Tom’s client was delighted with the necklace and the box, so much so she felt it needed to be shared with more than her circle of friends, and so decided to donate it to the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC where it is a part of the Craft + Design Collection.

The necklace box