All of Him

By Matthew Dickman and Michael Dickman

Art by Keith Achepohl

All of Him


Individual tri-folds 13.375 x 8.75 inches, closed, opening out to 13.375 x 26 inches. Clamshell box: 14.375 x 9.5 x 1.5 inches closed.

Edition size 43 numbered copies with 10 additional lettered copies reserved for the participants. All copies are signed by the authors and artist.


The limited edition, letterpress book All of Him was a true collaboration, evolving over a period of four years. The intense, intimate poems deal with Michael and Matthew Dickman’s loss of their older brother to a drug overdose. In this video, the poets read excerpts from the work, and artist Keith Achepohl and designer/printer Sandy Tilcock talk about the genesis and development of this unique publication.

The types used are handset Gill Sans for the poems and colophon. Computer generated Beata and Gill Sans Light were used for the display types and printed from polymer plates. The types, handset and polymer, were printed on a Vandercook 219 proofing press. Sandy Tilcock, lone goose press proprietor designed, printed and “bound” the book.

Papers used are Rives BFK, off-white, for the text pages and Saint-Armand’s Black Denim Canal made from clothing industry offcuts for the chemise. The cloth for the box is Duo Graphite from Bamberger Kaliko Textiles in Germany.

The original images are individual trace monotypes which were scanned and adjusted in Photoshop so they would be suitable for the making of polymer photogravure plates. Many images were made for each poem. Sandy Tilcock, selected the final images used and laid them out on the page for each poem. Once the layout was finalized the adjusted image file was sent to Intaglio Editions of Boulder, Colorado where the polymer plates were made by Jon Lybrook. The plates were editioned by Sandy Tilcock and Nikolas Wise in the lone goose press studio.

lone goose press thanks all those who guided and assisted the press in the production of the book: Keith Achepohl for his wonderful, thoughtful images; Jon Lybrook for his teaching the press how to prepare the files for the images; Russ Dodd of Portland, Oregon for providing a tutorial in printing and editioning photopolymer photogravures; and Nikolas Wise for his amazing skill at wiping plates such that there was no plate tone. And, many thanks to Michael and Matthew Dickman for entrusting lone goose press with the manuscript.

View the video All of Him 720 to learn more about the 4+ year journey in the making of the book.

In memory of Darin Hull.

Produced by Jordan Roach this video traces the four year journey of All of Him.

The Making of All of Him.

  • “The New Green” by Michael Dickman

  • “Coffee” by Matthew Dickman

  • Killing Flies by Michael Dickman

  • “Pants” by Matthew Dickman