Sandy Tilcock, Proprietor


Sandy shopping for her “family.”

From childhood, Sandy has been enchanted and inspired by the physical presence of books. She loved to read, but was also drawn to the weight and feel of books, their symmetry and order. It is this enchantment that led her to establish lone goose press. Over the past quarter century, her work has been recognized for its imaginative designs and impeccable craftsmanship. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alabama, where she studied printing, typography, and letterpress printing with noted printer and teacher Richard-Gabriel Rummonds. She was Founding Director of Knight Library Press at the University of Oregon, serving in that position for seven years.


The goose surveying it’s new landscape in Bisbee, Arizona.

Sandy has always had a passion for freedom. On long summer evenings as a child, she treasured the ability to get on her bicycle and ride to the outskirts of town, exploring the edges of her world, delighting in the play of possibilities, returning at nightfall full of dreams. To this day she most loves the inviting warmth and expansiveness of that time of year. To her friends who prefer the cooler months, she makes no apology for her midsummer affinity: “What can I say? I’m a tomato!”

The play of possibilities led Sandy to explore several pathways. As a mathematics major in college, she developed a disciplined, analytical approach to problems as well as an appreciation for what mathematicians call “the elegant solution.” A love of nature led her to photography back in the days when this craft inevitably meant contriving a darkroom and becoming intimate with chemical trays and timers. She was captivated by the sense of revelation in the play of light on surfaces. Over the years she became a passionate gardener. In that domain, she tends to shun regimentation—she is the gentle advocate of chaos, delighting in the wild and unexpected. She has recently discovered the art of Bonsai, and enjoys the patient dialogue between plant and person, the gradual teasing out of the elegant solution.

Bio Bike

Bicycling = Meditating.

Beyond her backyard, Sandy has long been an environmental advocate, devoted to preserving and protecting wild lands and waters. lone goose press derives its name from a passage in Aldo Leopold’s Sand County Almanac. Leopold’s curious observation of the occasional solitary Canada Goose during the spring migration resonated with her sense of sudden isolation starting a one-person enterprise after leaving the collegial support of the graduate program at Alabama.

Sandy is devoted to her dogs, current census three. They would describe her as loving, generous, and attentive, though they would probably agree that she works too hard.

Sandy remains an avid bicyclist to this day.

In her work as in her life, Sandy values not just the elegant solution, but peace, harmony, and understanding. She still seeks to venture to the outskirts in visual and verbal expression, nurturing an endless supply of dreams.

Bio River Tracing

Tracing of the McKenzie River and tributaries from a topographic map.



Joining Sandy in the studio are Patrick, Rosie, Samantha, and Cali.

Patrick, Sandy’s partner for more than 40 years, has been actively engaged in the work of lone goose press since its beginning. After a career in community mental health, Patrick is devoting more time to the precarious craft of poetry and learning to play the mandolin. He continues to provide logistical support, wielding drills, saws, and hammers when needed, and looks forward to an increasing role as an editor as the press develops its publishing support services.

  • Rosie

    Rosie, who passed away on February 4, 2020, was perhaps the most elegant member of the canine contingent. She adapted readily to life in Arizona. She had a gift for finding sunny spots to rest and oversee the press’s activities. Though she had slowed down a bit with age, she hadn’t lost her deadpan humor. She is greatly missed by all.

  • Sam

    Loyal and always vigilant, Samantha has assumed responsibility for keeping the press in its new location safe from suspicious invaders. It seems to be working. The coyote and javelinas are keeping a respectful distance.

  • Cali

    Curious and enthusiastic, Cali reliably announces and celebrates the arrival of colleagues, friends, plumbers, electricians, and delivery persons. As always, she helps us remember the value of fresh air and exercise.

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