Participating in the CODEX 2017 exhibition in February was a heady experience. Beyond the glass walls of Craneway Pavilion near the port of Richmond, California, the gulls dipped and soared in endless conversation with the wind. Weather fronts passed, rain and fog prevailed over the bay. Inside, the depth and variety of the work on display was overwhelming. Artists from around the world explored the endless variety in which books and book-like artifacts can convey the trials of the heart and the journeys of the imagination. There were elegant traditional books executed with care and passion, alongside avant-garde structures with pages made of ceramic plates or laser-cut metal sheets. The exhibition brought together heart-rending works reaching for the deepest insights and utterances of poetry and myth, and playful, outrageous, sometimes unnerving explorations of the book as object, taking us to the edge. It was a privilege to share the work of lone goose press, and the opportunity to connect with other book artists was priceless, an inspiration for years to come.