We are sure that somewhere, at some time, someone undertook a remodeling project that turned out to be simpler than they expected. For most of our building projects over the years, the opposite scenario has prevailed. The Bisbee printing studio has been no exception. At first we thought that some insulation, drywall and paint would suffice, and that the press would be operational by Spring.

Now, on June 18th, as we do the final preparation for interior painting, we wonder how we could have been any more naïve, as we look back on: Having a new concrete floor poured, demolishing and reframing ten sections of wall between adobe-covered columns, sheathing, weatherproofing, installing a door and seven windows. Did we mention insulating something over 800 square feet of wall and ceiling? We did most of this work ourselves, though we called on professionals to do the drywall installation.

Here is a brief slide show sharing the beginning to our current stage.

This journey has had its share of challenges, and we are eager to be done with it! At the same time, it has allowed us to get to know some great people in the building trades, including “Concrete Dick,” an artist as well as a contractor, and drywall expert Al and his conscientious, efficient crew.

In the meantime, Sandy has been dreaming of and planning new work, meeting local writers and artists, and fostering a connection with the amazing Poetry Center at the University of Arizona.

Concrete Dick

Upon completing the new floor Concrete Dick gifted the studio one of his artistic creations.

All and his crew.

Three generations: Al, his father and his son.

Phoebe, the faithful cylinder press, remains under protective blankets not far from her destination in the center of the studio space. We imagine she must also be dreaming of new projects with eager anticipation!

As a way of celebrating this transition for lone goose press (and also offsetting the cost of all this rebuilding mischief) we are offering a 25% discount on all lone goose press broadsides through Sandy’s 70th birthday, July 25, 2019. To take advantage of this discount, please visit the Broadsides Page.